La cuisine coréenne offre une nourriture saine & gourmande en parfaite harmonie entre
tradition et modernité grâce à ses saveurs variés, empreintes de 5 000 ans
d’histoire et ses délicieux produits innovants.
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In a Few Words

In a Few Words

If you wish to invite your guests to a trip or simply want to escape the ordinary,
You know can easily cook dishes straight from Korea.

Have fun by incorporating certain key ingredients form this country culinary
tradition to your favorite dishes. You will enjoy and benefit from
this original, sophisticated, healthy and balanced gastronomical culture,
an enchanting harmony of colors and spices, salty and sweet. Bon appétit,
or rather: joh-eun-sig yog! As we say it in Korea.

A Delicious Recipe : Tuna bibimbap

4 tuna steaks (approx.150g), 300 g round Korean rice, 2 green onions,
1 leek (dark green parts removed), A handful of spinach leafs,
300 g white mushrooms, 4 carrots, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber,
4 eggs,sunflower oil.

3 garlic cloves, 10 g fresh ginger, 2 tbsp soy sauce,
10 g honey, 1 tbsp Korean chilli paste,
1 tbsp grilled sesame oil, 10 cl water

5 cl rice vinegar, 2 cl soy sauce, 5 cl sesame oil, 10 gr baking sugar.


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