Makgeolli is a Korean traditional alcohol that has a milky appearance and an alcoholic degree that varies between 4 to 7°. The mouthfeel is delicious smooth and more or less sweet depending on the rice used in its fabrication. Makgeolli results often from fermentation after the rice is cooked. Even if it doesn’t look like and it doesn’t taste like it, it is often called “rice wine”. In reality, its fabrication resembles more that of beer and its color depends on the quality of the rice. In the case of a long basic rice, it will be drier; with sticky rice, it will be sweeter. At the land of the morning calm, some families having been making Makgeolli for over five generations. They consume it traditionally in bronze bowls. Because it is rich in proteins, in lactic ferment and B vitamin, it is a common food in everyday pharmacopeia. Its properties have many positive health effects, particularly on blood circulation and the skin. It would also work as an appetite suppressant and anti-fatigue medicine. Some, following Cleopatra, would even bathe in this alcoholic milk, whose unique charm knows many varieties. They can be drunk pure, with fruit, in a cocktail, or even as ice-cream or sorbet.

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