Makgeolli Chiken Wok

Makgeolli is a Korean traditional alcohol that has a milky appearance and an alcoholic degree that varies between 4 to 7°. The mouthfeel is deliciously smooth and more or less sweet depending on the rice used in its fabrication.


    4 servings

      • 600 gr chicken breast
      • 1 good handful of snow peas
      • 2 red bell peppers
      • 3 red onions
      • 2 garlic cloves
      • 4 shiitake mushrooms
      • One grated ginger root
      • 2 tbsp Nuoc Mam (fish sauce)
      • 2 tbsp soy sauce
      • 15 cl Makgeolli
      • Vegetable oil
      • Pepper

Cut up the chicken in fine slices.


Slice the onions and the garlic. Chop the shiitake and grate the ginger root. Reserve.


In a wok where you have previously poured a tablespoon of oil that has heated, sauté the chicken, salt and pepper it.

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Take the Makgeolli out of the fridge, reduce it at a low heat for some minutes. Put the chicken aside in a plate.


In your wok, sauté the onions, the garlic, the ginger, the red bell peppers.

Let it cook for 5 minutes then add the snow peas.


Unfreeze it with the fish sauce and the soy sauce. Add the shiitake and then two tablespoons of water. Let it simmer, under a lid, for 3 minutes.


Add the chicken, mix everything for 3 and serve immediately.


Makgeolli is ideal for spicing up a dish like this chicken wok. It brings out the flavor.

Preparation: 25 min